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Hetty Driessen - Theta Healing Instructor

Welcome to Theta Gateway ....

Find information and events on Theta Healing®, DNA Activation, Manifesting and Abundance, how to become a master of your Life through identifying blocks/negative programs and transforming them to create all your heart’s desires. Also about Munayki (the 9 ancient Rites from the Andean tradition), Reiki, Light Body Activation, Crystal Layouts .

What is Theta Healing®? 

Theta Healing® is an amazing life-changing technique that allows you to identify limiting beliefs and reprogram these in the conscious and subconscious mind. Such beliefs could be associated with an illness or disease. Some beliefs can stop us reaching our goals. Other beliefs such as resentment may affect our relationships with other people. Fears and phobias can immobilize us from making decisions, such as going to the dentist, making that dreaded phone call, or going outside our comfort zone. It is widely known that emotions can cause disease.

The energy from thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories, traumas, genetics, and past lives affects us on conscious, subconscious, emotional and physical levels. Changing or reprogramming a limiting belief or a block involves the practitioner connecting to the highest consciousness, which many refer to as God, Creator or Source energy, and commanding a healing be done. .....

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Skype Remote Sessions:

Hetty has been doing Skype ThetaHealing sessions for a long time now, but is now making them available through the website. It is unlimited what we can clear in a session. It depends on how deep you want to go with your healing. 

About Skype Sessions You can book a session by contacting Hetty. When we agree on a timeslot that suits both our time-zones .. find out more, click here 

About Theta Gateway


Remember “Mists of Avalon”? I read the above book in the early 90’s and it really opened me up to the sacred/spiritual side of me. As I read that and subsequent books about Avalon and the Arthurian Legends, I felt a very strong connection with those times. May 1999 I had a dream with a clear vision of me in deep blue robes in a barge on a lake and going through, opening, the mists. The sight of the surroundings was edged in my mind and I drew it when I woke up. 

In September that year, after just finishing my Reiki Mastery, I went on a bus-tour through the southern part of the UK with .......... 

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